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SCi500 5U Power Supply Option

Quantum Scalar i500 and AEL500 5U Redundant (2N) Power Supply Option, factory installed (NAM/APAC/LAM)
Order for Scalar i500 5U systems or for Scalar 9U Expansion Modules, Includes second power supply to populate the 2N portion of the module, If redundant power is ordered, all modules with tape drives require 2N power,

7040557.00 PLN [PLN SRP]

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StatusInfo Status:
Base elementBase Price:
Click & Configure: SCi500 5U Lib,no drives,41slots,PTO(NAM) Quick description: SCi500 5U Lib,no drives,41slots,PTO(NAM) SCi500 5U Lib,no drives,41slots,PTO(NAM)23622.00
Click & Configure: SCi500 14U Lib,no drives,41slot,PTO(NAM) Quick description: SCi500 14U Lib,no drives,41slot,PTO(NAM) SCi500 14U Lib,no drives,41slot,PTO(NAM)42624.00
Click & Configure: SCi500 23U Library, no drives, 41 slots Quick description: SCi500 23U Library, no drives, 41 slots SCi500 23U Library, no drives, 41 slots72227.00
Click & Configure: SCi500 9U Exp.Module,0slots,upg,PTO(NAM) Quick description: SCi500 9U Exp.Module,0slots,upg,PTO(NAM) SCi500 9U Exp.Module,0slots,upg,PTO(NAM)40908.00
Click & Configure: StorNext AEL500, 5U base,20slots,0dri Quick description: StorNext AEL500, 5U base,20slots,0dri StorNext AEL500, 5U base,20slots,0dri72878.00
Click & Configure: StorNext AEL500,14U base,41slots,0dri Quick description: StorNext AEL500,14U base,41slots,0dri StorNext AEL500,14U base,41slots,0dri160680.00
Click & Configure: StorNext AEL500,23U base,133sl,0dri Quick description: StorNext AEL500,23U base,133sl,0dri StorNext AEL500,23U base,133sl,0dri473265.00
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(SRP - suggested retail price)
The set is built in Fujitsu factory
Average contract execution time: 3-4 weeks.

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