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No Operating System

Note - please check if information of the customer is necessary.

By selecting the ''No Operating System '' option, the customer is responsible for obtaining the correct licensing prior to installing an operating system.

This also applies when using a Microsoft volume license key - here, a so-called ''qualifying basic license'' is required by Microsoft. This could be e.g. an OEM or a retail license, where usually an OEM license is the cheaper alternative. Another advantage of an included OEM operating system license: the activation of the OEM operating system is automatic (if this is provided for by the respective license from Microsoft).

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Click & Configure: LIFEBOOK A357 HD i3 5yr Quick description: LIFEBOOK A357 HD i3 5yr LIFEBOOK A357 HD i3 5yr1980.00
Click & Configure: LIFEBOOK A357 FHD i3 5yr Quick description: LIFEBOOK A357 FHD i3 5yr LIFEBOOK A357 FHD i3 5yr2079.00
Click & Configure: LIFEBOOK A357 HD i5 5yr Quick description: LIFEBOOK A357 HD i5 5yr LIFEBOOK A357 HD i5 5yr2600.00
Click & Configure: LIFEBOOK A359 i3 HD Quick description: LIFEBOOK A359 i3 HD LIFEBOOK A359 i3 HD6122244.00
Click & Configure: LIFEBOOK A359 i3 FHD Quick description: LIFEBOOK A359 i3 FHD LIFEBOOK A359 i3 FHD6122244.00
Click & Configure: LIFEBOOK A359 i5 HD Quick description: LIFEBOOK A359 i5 HD LIFEBOOK A359 i5 HD6122244.00
Click & Configure: LIFEBOOK A359 i5 FHD Quick description: LIFEBOOK A359 i5 FHD LIFEBOOK A359 i5 FHD6122244.00
Click & Configure: CELSIUS W550power-L Quick description: CELSIUS W550power-L CELSIUS W550power-L2153.00
Click & Configure: CELSIUS W570power+ Quick description: CELSIUS W570power+ CELSIUS W570power+2005.00
Click & Configure: CELSIUS W580 Quick description: CELSIUS W580 CELSIUS W5801732.00
Click & Configure: CELSIUS W580power Quick description: CELSIUS W580power CELSIUS W580power1980.00
Click & Configure: CELSIUS W580power+ Quick description: CELSIUS W580power+ CELSIUS W580power+2079.00
Click & Configure: CELSIUS M740-L Quick description: CELSIUS M740-L CELSIUS M740-L3338.00
Click & Configure: CELSIUS C740 Quick description: CELSIUS C740 CELSIUS C7404588.00
Click & Configure: CELSIUS C780 Quick description: CELSIUS C780 CELSIUS C7804494.00
Click & Configure: CELSIUS C780power Quick description: CELSIUS C780power CELSIUS C780power4990.00
Click & Configure: CELSIUS R970 Quick description: CELSIUS R970 CELSIUS R9705218.00
Click & Configure: CELSIUS R970B Quick description: CELSIUS R970B CELSIUS R970B5218.00
Click & Configure: CELSIUS R970power Quick description: CELSIUS R970power CELSIUS R970power5714.00
Click & Configure: CELSIUS R970Bpower Quick description: CELSIUS R970Bpower CELSIUS R970Bpower5714.00
Click & Configure: CELSIUS M770 Quick description: CELSIUS M770 CELSIUS M7702992.00
Click & Configure: CELSIUS M770X Quick description: CELSIUS M770X CELSIUS M770X3239.00
Click & Configure: CELSIUS M770power Quick description: CELSIUS M770power CELSIUS M770power3488.00
Click & Configure: CELSIUS M770POWERx Quick description: CELSIUS M770POWERx CELSIUS M770POWERx3735.00
Click & Configure: CELSIUS J550/2-L Quick description: CELSIUS J550/2-L CELSIUS J550/2-L1756.00
Click & Configure: CELSIUS J580 Quick description: CELSIUS J580 CELSIUS J5801633.00
Click & Configure: CELSIUS H970 i5-7440HQ Quick description: CELSIUS H970 i5-7440HQ CELSIUS H970 i5-7440HQ14244.00
Click & Configure: CELSIUS H970 i7-7820HQ Quick description: CELSIUS H970 i7-7820HQ CELSIUS H970 i7-7820HQ15731.00
Click & Configure: CELSIUS H970 E3-1505Mv6 Quick description: CELSIUS H970 E3-1505Mv6 CELSIUS H970 E3-1505Mv616703.00
Click & Configure: CELSIUS H970 E3-1535Mv6 Quick description: CELSIUS H970 E3-1535Mv6 CELSIUS H970 E3-1535Mv618895.00
Click & Configure: CELSIUS H980 Quick description: CELSIUS H980 CELSIUS H9803492.00
Click & Configure: CELSIUS H780 Quick description: CELSIUS H780 CELSIUS H7803566.00
Click & Configure: FUTRO S720 Quick description: FUTRO S720 FUTRO S7201216.00
Click & Configure: FUTRO S930 Quick description: FUTRO S930 FUTRO S9301365.00
Click & Configure: FUTRO S540 Quick description: FUTRO S540 FUTRO S5401062.00
Click & Configure: FUTRO S740 Quick description: FUTRO S740 FUTRO S7401488.00
Click & Configure: FUTRO S940 Quick description: FUTRO S940 FUTRO S9401846.00
Click & Configure: ESPRIMO Q558 Quick description: ESPRIMO Q558 ESPRIMO Q5581107.00
Click & Configure: ESPRIMO Q958 Quick description: ESPRIMO Q958 ESPRIMO Q9582119.00
Click & Configure: ESPRIMO G558 Quick description: ESPRIMO G558 ESPRIMO G558948.00
Click & Configure: ESPRIMO D556/E94+ PPC Quick description: ESPRIMO D556/E94+ PPC ESPRIMO D556/E94+ PPC1077.00
Click & Configure: ESPRIMO D556/E94+ PPC Quick description: ESPRIMO D556/E94+ PPC ESPRIMO D556/E94+ PPC1077.00
Click & Configure: ESPRIMO D958/E85+ Quick description: ESPRIMO D958/E85+ ESPRIMO D958/E85+1940.00
Click & Configure: ESPRIMO D958/E94+ Quick description: ESPRIMO D958/E94+ ESPRIMO D958/E94+1990.00
Click & Configure: ESPRIMO P958/E85+ Quick description: ESPRIMO P958/E85+ ESPRIMO P958/E85+2015.00
Click & Configure: ESPRIMO P958/E94+ Quick description: ESPRIMO P958/E94+ ESPRIMO P958/E94+2064.00
Click & Configure: ESPRIMO P958/power Quick description: ESPRIMO P958/power ESPRIMO P958/power2332.00
Click & Configure: ESPRIMO P758/E85+ Quick description: ESPRIMO P758/E85+ ESPRIMO P758/E85+1414.00
Click & Configure: ESPRIMO P758/E94+ Quick description: ESPRIMO P758/E94+ ESPRIMO P758/E94+1464.00
Click & Configure: ESPRIMO P558/E85+ Quick description: ESPRIMO P558/E85+ ESPRIMO P558/E85+928.00
Click & Configure: ESPRIMO P558/E94+ Quick description: ESPRIMO P558/E94+ ESPRIMO P558/E94+1008.00
Click & Configure: ESPRIMO P558/power Quick description: ESPRIMO P558/power ESPRIMO P558/power1107.00
Click & Configure: ESPRIMO K558/24 Quick description: ESPRIMO K558/24 ESPRIMO K558/242129.00
Click & Configure: ESPRIMO D738/E85+ Quick description: ESPRIMO D738/E85+ ESPRIMO D738/E85+1414.00
Click & Configure: ESPRIMO D738/E94+ Quick description: ESPRIMO D738/E94+ ESPRIMO D738/E94+1464.00
Click & Configure: ESPRIMO D538/E85+ Quick description: ESPRIMO D538/E85+ ESPRIMO D538/E85+958.00
Click & Configure: ESPRIMO D538/E94+ Quick description: ESPRIMO D538/E94+ ESPRIMO D538/E94+1008.00
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The set is built in Fujitsu factory
Average contract execution time: 3-4 weeks.

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