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SSD SATA 6G 240GB Mixed-Use 2.5' H-P EP

SSD SATA, 6 Gb/s, 240 GB, Mixed-Use, hot-plug, 2.5-inch, enterprise, 3.6 DWPD (Drive Writes Per Day for 5 years)

SSD has a built-in Wear-Out indicator. In this case the warranty for such a component, as an exception to the system warranty, is restricted to the time period until the indicator reaches the exhaust level.

2197.00 PLN [PLN SRP]

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Base elementBase Price:
Click & Configure: PY TX1320M4/SFF/Std. PSU Quick description: PY TX1320M4/SFF/Std. PSU PY TX1320M4/SFF/Std. PSU2528.00
Click & Configure: PY TX1320M4/SFF/Red. PSU Quick description: PY TX1320M4/SFF/Red. PSU PY TX1320M4/SFF/Red. PSU3268.00
Click & Configure: PY TX1330M4/f/Standard PSU Quick description: PY TX1330M4/f/Standard PSU PY TX1330M4/f/Standard PSU2375.00
Click & Configure: PY TX1330M4/f/Red. PSU Quick description: PY TX1330M4/f/Red. PSU PY TX1330M4/f/Red. PSU3131.00
Click & Configure: PY TX1330M4/r/Red. PSU Quick description: PY TX1330M4/r/Red. PSU PY TX1330M4/r/Red. PSU3131.00
Click & Configure: PY RX1330M4/SFF/standard PSU Quick description: PY RX1330M4/SFF/standard PSU PY RX1330M4/SFF/standard PSU2325.00
Click & Configure: PY RX1330M4/SFF/hot plug PSU/red. fans Quick description: PY RX1330M4/SFF/hot plug PSU/red. fans PY RX1330M4/SFF/hot plug PSU/red. fans3177.00
Click & Configure: PY RX1330M4/SFF/NVMe/hot-pl PSU/red.fans Quick description: PY RX1330M4/SFF/NVMe/hot-pl PSU/red.fans PY RX1330M4/SFF/NVMe/hot-pl PSU/red.fans3268.00
Click & Configure: PY RX1330M4/10xSFF/hot plug PSU/red.fans Quick description: PY RX1330M4/10xSFF/hot plug PSU/red.fans PY RX1330M4/10xSFF/hot plug PSU/red.fans4059.00
Click & Configure: PY CX2560 M5 Quick description: PY CX2560 M5 PY CX2560 M57854.00
Click & Configure: PY CX2550 M5 air cooling Quick description: PY CX2550 M5 air cooling PY CX2550 M5 air cooling7357.00
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(SRP - suggested retail price)
The set is built in Fujitsu factory
Average contract execution time: 3-4 weeks.

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