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Quantum Service for Zone 4

Information about the Quantum Service offering at zone 4 and prohibited nations

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Base elementBase Price:
Click & Configure: SCi500 5U Lib,no drives,41slots,PTO(NAM) Quick description: SCi500 5U Lib,no drives,41slots,PTO(NAM) SCi500 5U Lib,no drives,41slots,PTO(NAM)23622.00
Click & Configure: SCi500 14U Lib,no drives,41slot,PTO(NAM) Quick description: SCi500 14U Lib,no drives,41slot,PTO(NAM) SCi500 14U Lib,no drives,41slot,PTO(NAM)42624.00
Click & Configure: SCi500 23U Library, no drives, 41 slots Quick description: SCi500 23U Library, no drives, 41 slots SCi500 23U Library, no drives, 41 slots72227.00
Click & Configure: SCi500 9U Exp.Module,0slots,upg,PTO(NAM) Quick description: SCi500 9U Exp.Module,0slots,upg,PTO(NAM) SCi500 9U Exp.Module,0slots,upg,PTO(NAM)40908.00
Click & Configure: SCi6k/AEL6k Expansion Mod.(SEM3),0 drive Quick description: SCi6k/AEL6k Expansion Mod.(SEM3),0 drive SCi6k/AEL6k Expansion Mod.(SEM3),0 drive62989.00
Click & Configure: SCi6k Dri.Ready Expa.Mod.(DREM) cabinet Quick description: SCi6k Dri.Ready Expa.Mod.(DREM) cabinet SCi6k Dri.Ready Expa.Mod.(DREM) cabinet73849.00
Click & Configure: SCi6k/AEL6k DREM3 Modul,0 drives Quick description: SCi6k/AEL6k DREM3 Modul,0 drives SCi6k/AEL6k DREM3 Modul,0 drives73849.00
Click & Configure: SCi6k High-Densi.Exp.Mod.(HDEM)0 dri.sup Quick description: SCi6k High-Densi.Exp.Mod.(HDEM)0 dri.sup SCi6k High-Densi.Exp.Mod.(HDEM)0 dri.sup125973.00
Click & Configure: SCi6000 LTO CM3, 0dri,100SL,no expa.mod. Quick description: SCi6000 LTO CM3, 0dri,100SL,no expa.mod. SCi6000 LTO CM3, 0dri,100SL,no expa.mod.278341.00
Click & Configure: SCi6k LTO CM3,0 drive,200SL,no expa.mod. Quick description: SCi6k LTO CM3,0 drive,200SL,no expa.mod. SCi6k LTO CM3,0 drive,200SL,no expa.mod.320513.00
Click & Configure: SCi6k LTO CM3,0 drive,400SL,no expa.mod. Quick description: SCi6k LTO CM3,0 drive,400SL,no expa.mod. SCi6k LTO CM3,0 drive,400SL,no expa.mod.337381.00
Click & Configure: SCi6k LTO CM3,0 drive,700SL,no expa.mod. Quick description: SCi6k LTO CM3,0 drive,700SL,no expa.mod. SCi6k LTO CM3,0 drive,700SL,no expa.mod.402755.00
Click & Configure: SCi6k LTO CM3,0drive,1500SL,no expa.mod. Quick description: SCi6k LTO CM3,0drive,1500SL,no expa.mod. SCi6k LTO CM3,0drive,1500SL,no expa.mod.520838.00
Click & Configure: SCi6k LTO CM3,0drive,3000SL,no expa.mod. Quick description: SCi6k LTO CM3,0drive,3000SL,no expa.mod. SCi6k LTO CM3,0drive,3000SL,no expa.mod.780197.00
Click & Configure: SCi6k LTO CM3,0drive,5000SL,no expa.mod. Quick description: SCi6k LTO CM3,0drive,5000SL,no expa.mod. SCi6k LTO CM3,0drive,5000SL,no expa.mod.1022689.00
Click & Configure: SCi6k LTO CM3,0drive,7000SL,no expa.mod. Quick description: SCi6k LTO CM3,0drive,7000SL,no expa.mod. SCi6k LTO CM3,0drive,7000SL,no expa.mod.1288378.00
Click & Configure: SCi6k LTO CM3,0drive,9000SL,no expa.mod. Quick description: SCi6k LTO CM3,0drive,9000SL,no expa.mod. SCi6k LTO CM3,0drive,9000SL,no expa.mod.1433870.00
Click & Configure: SCi6k LTO CM3,0drive,11000SL,no exp.mod. Quick description: SCi6k LTO CM3,0drive,11000SL,no exp.mod. SCi6k LTO CM3,0drive,11000SL,no exp.mod.1619429.00
Click & Configure: StorNext AEL6k CM3,400SL,0dri,0expa.mod. Quick description: StorNext AEL6k CM3,400SL,0dri,0expa.mod. StorNext AEL6k CM3,400SL,0dri,0expa.mod.1214571.00
Click & Configure: StorNext AEL6k CM3,700SL,0dri,0expa.mod. Quick description: StorNext AEL6k CM3,700SL,0dri,0expa.mod. StorNext AEL6k CM3,700SL,0dri,0expa.mod.1425230.00
Click & Configure: StorNext AEL6k CM3,1500SL,0dri,0exp.mod. Quick description: StorNext AEL6k CM3,1500SL,0dri,0exp.mod. StorNext AEL6k CM3,1500SL,0dri,0exp.mod.2290608.00
Click & Configure: StorNext AEL6k CM3,3000SL,0dri,0exp.mod. Quick description: StorNext AEL6k CM3,3000SL,0dri,0exp.mod. StorNext AEL6k CM3,3000SL,0dri,0exp.mod.4345887.00
Click & Configure: StorNext AEL6k CM3,5000SL,0dri,0exp.mod. Quick description: StorNext AEL6k CM3,5000SL,0dri,0exp.mod. StorNext AEL6k CM3,5000SL,0dri,0exp.mod.5000621.00
Click & Configure: StorNext AEL500, 5U base,20slots,0dri Quick description: StorNext AEL500, 5U base,20slots,0dri StorNext AEL500, 5U base,20slots,0dri72878.00
Click & Configure: StorNext AEL500,14U base,41slots,0dri Quick description: StorNext AEL500,14U base,41slots,0dri StorNext AEL500,14U base,41slots,0dri160680.00
Click & Configure: StorNext AEL500,23U base,133sl,0dri Quick description: StorNext AEL500,23U base,133sl,0dri StorNext AEL500,23U base,133sl,0dri473265.00
PLN Netto prices
(SRP - suggested retail price)
The set is built in Fujitsu factory
Average contract execution time: 3-4 weeks.

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